Intent to Register a NEW Student Organization

Potential New Org. Information

Congratulations on wanting to start a new student organization at the University of Iowa!  Starting Fall 2015, the process for starting a new organization has changed a little bit.  

  1. Before you submit a New Organization Registration Form on OrgSync, you need to complete and submit this form, then... 
  2. Create a constitution for your potential new organization using the Constitutional Standards & Guidelines document.
  3. Contact the Center for Student Involvement & Leadership to schedule a 30-45 minute Pre-Registration meeting with the Coordinator for Student Organization Development (  If you want to start a new Sports Club, please contact Recreational Services to meet with an Assistant Director, Sports Programs ( or
  4. Bring a hard copy of the final draft of the constitution with you to the Pre-Registration meeting.
  5. If a Pre-Registration meeting is not scheduled and held within 3 months of submitting this Form, the Form will be deleted from the queue without notification.

This form and the Pre-Registration meetings are designed to help you think through your vision of your potential new student organization and understand any implications on the front end to help expedite the registration process once the request is submitted on OrgSync.

*Please note: If a New Organization Registration Form is submitted without first having a Pre-registration meeting, the form will be re-opened and will not be reviewed until a meeting has been held.

What is the name of your potential new organization?

New organizations cannot use the same or similar name as a currently registered student organization.
What is the purpose or function of this potential new organization?
Why do you want to start this organization?
If you answered yes above, what is the name of the local, regional, or national organization with which it will be affiliated?
How many UI students do you have helping you start this organization?
If your organization is similar to a currently registered student organization, what makes your organization different?
How will your potential new student organization support the mission and values of the University and/or the Division of Student Life?
Is your organization planning to execute/implement any program(s) involving youth/minors (those under 18 years of age, who are not currently enrolled UI students)?
Will your proposed organization activities require or involve any of the following? Please check all that apply.